Saturday, 21 August 2010

Daily Sketch 21/08/2010

Pencil on Paper

I was working on my website today with the TV on but the sound off which is a strange “living on your own” habit I’ve got into, when I looked up to see scenes from Avatar that I hadn’t seen before on the screen. I’ve been looking forward to the extended version ever since I discovered it existed so I dived across the sofa knocking various pencils, sketch books and a cup full of pencil sharpenings (I can’t throw them away until the cup is full) onto the floor, grabbed the remote and madly hit the sound button just in time to hear the announcement that the extended Avatar will be back in the cinema from next week… It is a sad connotation on my life that this news spurred me into a happy dance.

So today’s sketch is of Neytiri from Avatar, I am very much a geek and proud of it!

I’ve been doing a sketch a day for over a week now and today I thought I’d sit down and flick though my sketch book. I was quite happy to see all the sketches lined up and to notice that I have altered my style slightly in each picture. I then went back and looked at my sketch books for the past few years and what hit me immediately was how many sketches I’d started but then given up on. I get the urge to give up around the middle of every sketch or painting when I suddenly have a moment of “it doesn’t look right and I don’t know how to fix it” but having the goal to publish every day has got me back in the long lost habit of pushing on through the doubt and in general I’ve noticed that things usually come together in the end.