Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Daily Sketch 25/08/2010

Sleeping Tiger
Pencil on Paper

I really did have trouble figuring out what to draw today. At first I thought I would draw another movie portrait but I seem to have fallen into a little routine of doing one of those every other day and I don’t want to start drawing nothing but movie scenes. Then I thought I would draw from one of my cemetery photos but flowers and berries just didn’t inspire me today so in the end I decided I would have to draw an animal.

I’ve noticed while nosing around some of the fantastic work out there that nearly every artist has attempted to draw a tiger at some point. I’ve always thought tigers are incredibly difficult to capture and my attempt has done nothing to change my opinion. However I have wandered sheep-like after the masses and this sketch is the result… Hmm, maybe tomorrow I shall draw a sheep “Bahhh!”


  1. I really like this tiger. That look on his face is perfect!