Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Elegance 3 – Complete

I’ve finally completed my first oil painting and I’m rather happy. Sure it’s not perfect but then the day I think that my work is perfect is probably the day I should stop being an artist. It’s the feeling that my work could have been better that always encourages me to strive to improve.

The thing that I like most about this painting is the hair. I’ve decided that hair is much more fun when you’re painting in oils! I’m also happy with the way the kanzashi turned out. I’ve got a few issues with the layout of the face but I think these may be the result of working from memory instead of a model/photo. I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of planning out your work while creating this painting.

As my intention is for this painting to be displayed without a frame I have finished by painting the 1” deep canvas edge. It was only after I had done this that I realised I don’t have anywhere other than my easel to leave it to dry! D’oh! Oh well, at least I’ll have plenty of time to plan my next piece.
Elegance 3 was created in oil on canvas.


  1. Hello Amatheya, (First off, how is your beautiful and unusual name pronounced - emphasis on the 3rd syllable or 2nd or am I way off?).
    Thank you for becoming my newest follower. I see that you have wanted to pursue your artistic calling for a long time and are doing so now - wonderful! If I may make a suggestion concerning this Japanese lady, it is always best to have a good reference to follow rather than working from memory, particularly for the human face and figure. Our memories are not trained as they once were (pre literacy days) and there is much that we miss and do not observe accurately. The very best reference is to work with the model/setup right in front of you but often that isn't possible or practical so a good photo or set of photos is the next best. It is also better if they are your own photos, not taken by someone else. If you learn to use a camera like a sketching tool you will hone your compositional skills also. I hope I have not overstepped here by making these suggestions. You definitely show so much potential and innate ability in these drawings.

  2. Hi Karen, thank you very much for your advice and encouragement and may I say that I absolutely love the painting that you’re working on at the moment! It’s really interesting to see how you’re going about piecing it together too.

    I think you’re quite right when you say I need better reference material to work with I don’t get much opportunity to work with live models but I do have some quite interesting photos of my re-enactment group and some of the castles I’ve visited which I may be able to work with I have to be honest and say I'm not great with a camera but I guess it's just one more thing I'll have to learn :)

    Oh I almost forgot Amatheya has the emphasis on the 3rd syllable :)