Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gone Paintin’

No pictures to show today but I thought I’d post anyway. I’ve been busily working on my new oil painting all week which as I’ve never worked in oils before is a bit of an experience! The way the paint moves and the colours build up through layers is very different from my usual mediums of Gouache or Watercolour and I’m not sure I’ve got the knack of mixing colours in oils yet but despite that I am really starting to get into it.

I’ve now got my new studio area set up in the living room with my new easel, all my arty stuff and lots of handy places to blue-tack reference materiel to. It’s also handy for popping treats thought the bars for my rat pack and as I can see what I’m working on from my sofa I feel inspired (in other words guilted) into getting off my bottom and doing some painting.

I’ll post some picks of the new painting just as soon as it starts to resemble what I’m trying to paint!

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