Tuesday, 28 September 2010

We Haz Nana

Posts have been a little thin on the ground this week. This is entirely due to laziness (although I’m sure I could think of an excuse if I tried!) It was my birthday last week and I’ve been spending this week playing with my birthday presents… I’m such a child!

So to fill the gap I thought I’d share these photos of my rattys enjoying treat time this evening.

Above Left - Sausage my oldest boy protecting his treat. Above Right - Peanut the baby trying to hide from the camera
Above Left - Dizzy my little blind boy... he has no idea he's having a photo *bless*. Above Right - Moniack, determined not to stop eating for something as unimportant as a photo.

And Finally - Slinky, he found the camera far more interesting than his treat.


  1. Sooo what was the birthday present?

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  3. Thanks :)
    I got some new family tree softwear it's very cool and I do like researching local history. I particularly like going to the library to read the micro fiche and old newspapers from 100 years ago.

  4. Sounds a lot of fun. I don't research my family tree, but I think it's interesting to see how differently people lived, even as recently as 50 years ago.