Friday, 29 October 2010

RIP Mr Slinky

This week I lost one of my old rattys Mr Slinky. Mr Slinky came to live with me with his brother Dizzy when they were 6 weeks old. Their previous owners had got board of them and hadn’t bothered playing with them so they were pretty wild. Dizzy was bitey and Mr Slinky was terrified of being touched. It took a long time to train them out of their behaviour, for months whenever I did manage to catch Mr Slinky he would shoot out of my hands again like a bar of soap!! Sometimes even when I was stood up, it’s a miracle he didn’t knock himself silly!! (On second thoughts maybe he did lol)

As I said it took a very long time to train Slinky but eventually he was as well behaved as any of my boys. He would tolerate cuddles, come bounding to the cage door when called for treats and when out for free-range time he was always the first to come running when called.

Even at his advanced age of 2 years 7 months he was a healthy, happy and relatively energetic boy, although the past weeks he was starting to show signs of being more tired than usual. It was a bit of a shock to see that he’d slipped away in his sleep while curled up with his cage mates, I am however happy that he passed away so peacefully.

Sleep tight little boy, your cage mates Dizzy and Sausage look lost without you.

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  1. Sorry to hear about this. I guess as a rat enthusiast you must be at least reconciled to their relatively short lives, but that doesn't make it easier.