Monday, 1 November 2010

RIP Sausage

About 3 years ago I bought my apartment and decided to start keeping rats again. Well I say decided, a more accurate account would be to say that I went to a pet shop and a ratty decided that he was coming home with me, I had very little to do with the decision!

In the end four rattys came to live with me Reggie, Rolo, Gizmo & Sausage. Over the past year or so I’ve had to say goodbye to the others but Sausage was the Peter Pan of the rat world. Despite being 2years10months well over the normal lifespan of a rat he remained to be the impish little ratty he’s always been right up to the end.

I’ve had many scares with Sausage over the past year, not because he has been ill but because he was such a heavy sleeper. Several times I went to his cage for treat time and found him so fast asleep that when I touched him he didn’t move. I would then attempt to pick him up and he would jump awake and give me the most indignant look I have ever seen on a rat!

It would be very difficult to describe my little imp but a picture speak a thousand words.

It really is the end of an era, with the last of my original boys gone to the bridge.


  1. HUgs my friend..wishing you sparkles of comfort and love for your loss!

  2. Thanks Kiki. I miss my little boy but he's at the bridge with his brothers and sisters now so I try not to let myself be sad.