Monday, 24 January 2011

The Harpist – Complete

I feel like this painting has taken me forever but I’m happy with the result. I started work on “The Harpist” at the beginning of December and it really shouldn’t have taken me so long to complete but I just can’t paint when it’s cold (in my next life I shall be a polar bear and just sleep through the winter!)

I’m very happy with the way she’s turned out now that she has strings on her harp and eyes that, breaking with tradition, are not crossed. I certainly feel that I’m reconnecting with the skills I had before I took a 10 year break but I also have a long way to go before I will be happy that I can get what I have in my mind onto the paper consistently without a struggle. I guess that will teach me to never take a break again! lol

All that is left for my harpist now is to be framed which I will hopefully do at the weekend in between painting and tiling my mothers bathroom for her. If that doesn’t earn me brownie points nothing will.

Moving on, I have already started preparing for my next painting. I’m going to be working on a pet portrait of a friends dog. Unfortunately I only have a very small photo to go on but he’s quite distinctive and I’m viewing it as a challenge. I will also be using my shiny new watercolour set for my new painting, so I’m really eager to get started but I’m determined to do a number of sketches first as I really want to capture a good likeness. :-)


  1. Your painting of "The Harpist" reminds me a bit of the prints made by Mary Cassatt who was influenced, like so many of her contemporaries, by Japanese printmaking. You have managed to keep the elegant flatness of that style in your composition and colour choices. Well done.

  2. Thank you Karen :) I had never heard of Mary Cassett before (my art history is woefully neglected!) but I googled her and I can certainly see what you mean. I just wish I could take credit for it being intentional ;-)

  3. Gorgeous work Amatheya..I was looking forward to seeing it finished..and it is..this piece is fantastic..beautiful and elegant!!Wonderful!
    Shine on!

  4. Such a lovely portrait. Love the lyrical lines of the harp.
    Good luck with the pet portrait. I had to do a human portrait once with only a tiny passport photo to work with. You are right. A challenge.
    I'm sure you will do a wonderful job.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    I really must get posting about my pet portrait. I've done some sketches but it's just been too cold to paint (my hands really suffer from the cold) I'm thinking I'll have to get one of those little hot air blowers to heat the apartment up quickly when I want to paint or I'll always but at the mercy of the elements!!