Friday, 25 February 2011

Petals in the Rain – WIP 1

The muse has hit me for a new Geisha painting.

Unlike my last Geisha painting which was based heavily upon a photo which I requested permission to use, this idea comes completely from my imagination. I’ve started with a pen sketch to plan out what I want. In my original vision, I was going to have my Geisha on a washy blue grey background but as I added more detail to the sketch a background appeared all by itself… funny how that happens when your not concentrating too hard. So, I’ve decided to use the background but keep the colours in blue greys with perhaps the odd hint of colour, while the Geisha in the fore ground with be in very bright yellows, greens and reds.


  1. Love the sketch of the Geisha girl. Are you doing a painting from this ? They are so colorful arn't they.

  2. Thanks Dors :)
    Yes, this will be my next painting. I absolutely love vintage camono silk. The patterns and colours are just dizzying.
    I hope to have so progress on this painting at the weekend :)

  3. Love the roughness of line and the composition, such an oriental feel to this, reminds me of the Lone Wolf And Cub Manga. Great job!