Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pooch – WIP 2 (Demon Dog!)

Pooch is looking rather demonic today but he’s also getting a little closer to the way I want him to look. I’ve worked on the darker fur some more and I’m pretty happy with the nose. I’ve fixed the eyes a little but I think I’m going to have to tweak them a little more next time, I also need to tweak the left ear to give it more depth as he’s looking a little wonk at the moment. Once all that’s done I think I’ll be able to fiddle with the white hairs.

I’ve also done a little more planning for my next painting which I’ll hopefully be able to start next week. I’m going to have to start setting myself a routine for painting because it’s just too easy to get home form work and plant myself in front of the TV which is not good… Do I really need to watch another episode of Grand Designs?!

… I’ve just realised that I’ve topped 25 followers, I wonder if I can get to 30 before I turn 30?... No I’m not telling when that is! ;-)


  1. Wow! I can't wait to see it finished. Looks amazing so far!


  2. Hey Dawn, long time no see! Thanks for your comment :) Are we going to see some more of your work soon? I've missed your updates.