Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Everything Stops For Tea

A very Happy New Year to everyone! (I’m only running 3 days late)

As you can see from the picture above I’ve been taking a break from my airship WIP to work on something completely different. “Everything Stops for Tea” is the first of several burlesque/vintage inspired painting that I hope to complete by February in time for a vintage fair (More about that at a latter date). As usual this was painted digitally.


  1. This is amazing-you are very talented with the digital painting Tessa. It looks like oil or acrylic lol :) if you didn't tell me I don't think I'd notice-that's a good thing. If I did a digital painting it probably turn out like the old "I paint" program lmao!! I LOVE her hair, Bravo!

    And who can't resist a cup of tea!? Sugar and milk in mine please heehee

  2. Thanks Dawn :)

    I remember those old paint programs, they were really awful. It didn't stop me fiddling with them though ;)
    This one looks like acrylic because I used exactly the same technique... The only difference is that there is far less chance of accidentally drinking paint water when you're painting digitally!

    I'll make the tea but you'll have to come and get it lol

  3. Lol!! Ewwww! Paint water 

    Ok I'll fly out for tea!! Trick is to slip away while my husband isn't looking lol.

  4. Lovely job Tessa. Good Luck at the Vintage Fair.
    Happy New Year.

  5. Dawn - Try putting the sports channels on. If your husband is anything like the guys I've dated he won't notice your gone until he gets hungry ;-)

    Thanks Dors, and a Happy Ney Year to you too :-)