Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Website and Folksy Shop

I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks but I haven’t been idle. In preparation for the vintage fair next weekend I’ve been revamping my website and creating a Folksy shop which is now up, running and stocked!!!

So please pop along to my website at and let me know what you think of the new layout and design and drop by my new Folksy store and let me know what you think.

Hopefully I’ll have some new artwork ready to share in the next two weeks!


  1. Looks fabulous!! I can't wait to see your new artwork! :D I've been trying to get back into my workout routine so my arts been lacking lol. I'm still trying to balance my schedule XD

  2. Hey Dawn,
    Thanks :) I'm finding fitting art in a bit of a ballancing act at the moment too. There always seems to be something else that needs doing. Oh well, hope that new workout routine is going well and we don't have to wait too long for more of your fantastic trees!!! :)

  3. lol! I'll post something soon. I need to get to the art store for some new items. I want to try water soluble graphite >:) And I need some smaller sketch books...basically I just need an excuse to spend money on new supplies ;)

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