Monday, 6 August 2012

Make Way for the King – WIP 5

Well another work in progress shot of my latest painting. Today I’ve been working on the knight to the right of the king. From now on I shall call him Neville (for no particular reason, he just looks like a Neville) He’s come out quite well I think. I’ve tried to keep him a little darker and less detailed than the king so that he stays in the background and I think that’s worked. I’ve also put some more detail into the background, this won’t be the finished detail bit it helps me to see where I’m going and how things relate to each other.

Next I will be working on the knight and the flag barer to the left, then I’ll be going back to working on the king who still needs a lot of work.

One of the things that I love about digital painting is keeping progress shots. Before I write up any WIP entry for my blog I call up all my progress shots and pan through them start to finish. I do this a few times just so I can see how far I’ve come. Sometimes when I look back over the WIP shots I find elements that I’ve removed or changed that I realise I should put back in, or I get new ideas for tweaks. Other times like today I see what the element I’ve been working on looked like before I started the session and then what it looks like after the session and I think to myself “did I draw that?!”… That’s a good feeling.

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