Monday, 27 August 2012

Make Way for the King - WIP 9

So, this is another small work in progress shot. I should probably point out that there are so many because when I’m working on my own work I tend to do it in small sessions, a little bit here and a little bit there, leave it and come back. After all, if I’m not on the clock I can take my time. When I’m working on a commission I move the computer away from the TV and settle down to some serious work!
Another reason I take so many progress shots is that unlike when I work in watercolour I can’t stand back and look at what I’m doing (read get a cuppa and scowl at my painting) so instead I flick through the WIP shots regularly looking at how I’ve progressed and trying to spot areas for improvement.

Anyway, back to today. I’ve been working on the background and Mr knight on the left again. I’m happy with the background now, that isn’t to say it won’t get tweaked again but for now I’m happy. When I scrolled through my WIP shots I decided that lefty looked like he was standing to close behind the king so I’ve pushed him back a bit and given him a sword. I need to do some work on his legs (I need to let them rest as they are for a bit so that I can work our what) but once that is done I think I’ll finally be into the final detail stage! Yay!!!

While lefty rests his legs I will be exercising mine! I’ve recently taken up jogging with the help of a iPhone app that a love called “Zombies, Run!”. It’s a brilliant idea, as you run your music is interspersed with little snippets of story and you also pick up supplies that you can allocate to your little town which unlocks more stories. The further you run the more supplies you pick up. It certainly seems to be motivating me to get off my bottom and run!

If you would like to have a go at running away from Zombies you can learn more about the app at

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