Saturday, 18 September 2010

Aslan – More Work in Progress

Another day spent being frustrated with paint. I absolutely hate drawing buildings, that probably means I should practice more but there’s something about bricks and mortar that completely switches me off. That being said I spent today’s painting session working on Cair Paravel in the background of my Aslan picture. It’s no where near finished yet but compared to my usual building painting level it’s positively brilliant. Tomorrow in between building flat packed furniture for my mom (what a good daughter I am) and doing the hoovering I’m hoping to add some more detail to Cair Paraveland work on the grass.

I also had my first major paint related catastrophe today when I managed to tip half the content of my new brush cleaning jar which is full of thinners all down my top! Luckily I was in the kitchen, I think I would have cried if it had fallen on the carpet… I probably shouldn’t be aloud to play with things that can cause damage to my house.

Completely unrelated but I finished reading The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullmen. I usually I get a lot of inspiration from the books I read but although this book had a really good plot idea it was otherwise absolutely awful! Oh well, The Constant Princess by Philipa Gregory is next. It’s a fantasy about Katherine of Aragon so I’m really looking forward to more Tudor goodness.


  1. The Cair Paravel looks quite forbidding. Is this deliberate, or a manifestation of your dislike for brick-and-mortar?

  2. I didn't intentionally make it forbidding. It's based on a photo of Tynmouth Priory I took a few years ago. The priory is now a ruin so I had to invent some of it. Maybe I'll try to make it look a little more friendly :)

  3. Heehee!!! I find when I'm trying to be careful is when I really end up spilling something! Once I was almost finished a painting (nighttime theme), I was dry brushing some white highlights onto the snowy landscape and the top of my paintbrush top fell off and to my horror, rolled down my black/blue painting...Acrylic....dries fast too. Didn't help that I froze a little too long so I had to improvise and make revisions since I couldn't wipe off all the mess that was made LOL!