Friday, 1 October 2010

Watercolour Lion Work In Progress

It seems recently that I keep coming back to lions. It’s odd really as I’ve never had a particular love of them. I however really do enjoy drawing and painting them and through that I have come to appreciate how beautiful they really are.

Today I started a new water colour based on a lion that I have sketched before. He’s a bit old and battle worn but I think he’s got lots of character. I haven’t worked in watercolour for ages and for this painting I pulled out my old watercolour pastels that I was given by a grandparent when I was at school. (That seems like such a long time ago!) I certainly think that the struggles I’ve been going through trying to understand colour for oil painting has paid off because I’ve found it very easy to mix the colours that I was looking for and I’m happy that I’ve got reasonable base to my painting painting. I’m going to try to finish painting tomorrow after I’ve worked on my Aslan oil.

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