Friday, 12 November 2010

RIP Dizzy

 Last night I lost my last old boy Dizzy. It wasn’t unexpected he was looking very old and I think he missed his cage mates Sausage and Mr Slinky the past few days. The evening before he went we had a nice hour sat together. Dizzy was never a cuddly rat but he sat and fell asleep on my lap while boggling (a ratty sign of pleasure) madly… He’d never boggled for me before.

Dizzy came to live with me with his brother Mr Slinky. They were unwanted pets and because they had been ignored they were pretty wild and it took a long time to bring them round. Dizzy in particular was very aggressive to everyone (and everything) and even after he’d been with me a year he still liked nothing more than to sneak up on me when I was sitting on the floor and nip me on the back to make me jump… little booger lol.

He also loved to sit and stare making little “nom” movements with his mouth. It was very funny to watch.

Good night little man, go find your cage mates and keep them in line!

PEAS!!!!!! Dizzy didn't believe in only taking one :-)

It’s very strange in my flat now, I’ve gone from having 20 rescues to having just my old man Moniack and my little lad Peanut… It’s suddenly very quiet here!


  1. I'm sorry about Dizzy, but it sounds like he was a very happy rat while you had him. :)

  2. HUgs! What a beautiful soul...wishing you memories of comfort and love! Beautiful sweet!

  3. Thanks guys, Dizzy was a good squishy little ratty :)

  4. So sorry to learn about Dizzy...losing a beloved pet is SO hard! He was a cutie.