Saturday, 13 November 2010

Soldier Girl - Framed

Title – Soldier Girl
Medium – Watercolour
Painting Size – 8 x 12 inches
Frame – Cherry Wood
“Soldier Girl” is now finished and framed. I’ve put her in a cherry wood frame as I wanted to go for a classic look and toned down my original idea of mounting her in red and blue, instead using cream and blue which on reflection I thought would work better and keep attention on the painting rather than the surround.

In a completely unrelated ramble I really have managed to hit myself on the head way too many times today!!! First I took down my pull-up bar for the winter and dropped it on my head (ouch). Then I took my mothers old wardrobe to the tip for her and managed to hit myself on the head once when getting into the car and a second time when the wood resettled as I went across a roundabout (ouch, ouch) and finally I place the frame for “Soldier Girl” on the back of the sofa while I cut the mount but forgot I’d put it there, flumped down on the sofa cracking the back of my head and sending the frame flying into my studio area scattering paints and equipment everywhere (really ouch!!!) luckily nothing was broken but I do have some rather impressive bumps appearing… I’m hoping that tomorrow will be less painful!!!

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  1. Greetings, Amatheya. Is there knack to getting the Paypal thing to work on your blog? Inspired by your example, I tried to put one on my blog to flog calendars, but it didn't work. It complained about being unable to decypher the encryption key, or something.

    In any case, good luck with selling your painting.