Monday, 22 November 2010

RIP Moniack

 I’ve not had the best time of it rat wise recently and now I’ve lost Moniack too. It’s been quite a shock as although he’d been ill for about a week and had suffered with bumble foot for at least the past 6 months I have always thought of him as a baby and so I always expected him to get better. I was quite surprised when I looked at his birth date and realised that far from being a baby he was in fact two and a half, a very old gentleman by any ratty standard.

Moniack was one of two rattys that I had from breeder friends of mine, a fact that made them very special. I had met their parents and watched them grow from little pink sausages into hefty soppy rattys. Sadly I lost Moniacks brother at the age of one which was heartbreaking and after that Moniack refused to live with any other ratty. As he grew up Moniack became known as my fat sewer ratty because of his often dishevelled fur that was perfect sewer rat colour and he had the distinction of being the only rat to have ever sent me to A&E *bless the little booger* He was also well known for his obsessive love of biscuits, his very unratty love of chewing cage bars and his reputation for being a coconut short of a shy!

Good night my silly boy, go find your brother who I know you’ve missed.

With Moniack gone Peanut is now an only ratty. Being another boy who refuses to live with others it looks like mine will be a one rat household for a while.


  1. So sorry about Moniack...I know you miss him and his brother. Very cute little guys! Peanut is going to have to take up the rat-slack, so to speak:-)
    Love the little bread house he made!

  2. He has a cute rat expression in your top photo that could have come straight from Disney :)

  3. sorry you're having such bad luck. He had a cute little face! I love that pic you shared with us.

  4. Thanks guys, Moniack was a reall character and I do miss my soppy little ratty but Peanut's keeping my company and turning into a very cheeky little boy now he's got my undivided attention lol.