Friday, 19 November 2010

A Quick and Random Post

I thought I’d make a short and random post as I’m very proud of myself and my friends today… We won a charity quiz night!!

We’ve been going to this quiz for 6 months blinking months and never done better than 5th place so we were slightly stunned when we won tonight… We skimmed over the fact that we had one more person than allowed and were therefore technically cheating. To be fair I don’t think that I really count as a person for all the questions I can answer. Apparently I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed!!!

So anyway, well done the “Us” team (after winning we wished we’d spent more time thinking up a team name lol) we may have cheated but at least we cheated and won unlike the other dozen times we cheated!!

To prevent this post from being nothing but a ramble I thought I’d post this video which I found on and thought was very interesting. It covers a method of adding shadow to skin tone that I think I will try next time I paint a portrait.

Speaking of paintings I will be starting a new one next week possibly featuring a harpist, although I haven’t finished planning it yet.

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