Monday, 13 December 2010

The Harpist - Work in progress 3

Another hour of work on my Harpist painting and she’s really starting to move along now, one or two more sittings and she might even be finished.

Today I worked on adding detail to her hair, more skin tone, shadow, detail in the shirt and detail in the hand. I still need to add the detail to her eyes, I think that will need to be a job for next time. Once that hurdle is over it will just be the strings and the finishing touches… I hope! I’m looking forward to getting this one finished but I’ve only got another week before I hand over my keys to my house sitter and head off on my Christmas holls. I had better get a move on!

In other news, I’m really chuffed to have reached 20 followers! Thanks everyone for your time and comments, I really look forward to reading them.


  1. Yay..she is beautiful..gorgeous piece...!Shine on!!

  2. Lovely work Tessa. Love the soft colors, so delicate.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.