Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Book Cover Mock-up

So I was trying to decide what to sketch today and came up with an idea for a new cover for the book I’m reading at the moment, “The Historian”. It’s a vampire novel and has a very plane red cover with nothing but the name of the book and the author on it. I figured it would be good practice to make up my own cover.

Early in the book a print of a medieval dragon features quite strongly so I’ve decided to make this the main feature of the cover. This sketch is the dragon I’ve come up with based on the description and a little research on dragons in medieval art. He’s not exactly a carbon copy of a medieval dragon but the shape of the body and wings are similar to most depictions. I need to clean him up and make a ink copy and I also need to do some work on the banner before I scan him and start working in Photoshop.

On the finished cover I will have the dragon outline and the title in red (if it was a real cover I would have this metallic) and the background in black. I haven’t decided yet whether I will stretch my dragon across the back and front or flip him and have him just on the front cover perhaps with some other little detail on the back to add interest.

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