Thursday, 30 June 2011

Photoshop Value Study - Azazel

Recently I’ve decided that I need to get with the 20th 21st century (I’m only 11 years late!) and learn how to draw and paint using Photoshop.

Previously I have used Photoshop for “colouring in” with my Ratz cards, but creating a piece of artwork from start to finish has always been quite daunting. I could blame my archaic version of Photoshop or my small graphics tablet but in I think I am guilty of being a bit of a technophobe when it comes to laying aside my pencils and brushes and embracing pixels.

Well, they say the best way to beat a fear is to face it (although I’m sure that doesn’t count with spiders, Yuck!) so today with the help of the fantastic tutorials over at I began my first ever start to finish Photoshop art project.

I chose to work on a value study as a starting point and in keeping with the sort of artwork done at “I Draw Girls” I chose my favourite character from the new X-Men: First Class movie, Azazel. The idea of this piece was to take a picture (in this case a promotional photo) and recreate it entirely within Photoshop using only shades of grey.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, I started very basic and found it quite frustrating. I just couldn’t get the shades to go where I wanted them to but as I became more familiar and confident with the brushes and how the shades react together, I started to find the process enjoyable and completely lost track of time. The end result is still very loose and sketchy but as a first attempt for someone who can’t even draw a straight line in Photoshop (Yes, I’m sure there is a tool for that somewhere) I’m very happy with the effort and will definitely be trying this exercise again.


  1. Your values are particularly strong in this one. Looks like you are having some fun with Photoshop!

  2. Thanks, this was the first thing I'd ever sketched in photoshop and it was a bit of a new experience. I really want an updated copy so that I can play with different brushes etc. :)