Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Photoshop Value Study – Nightcrawler

Today I have continued my journey into the wonderful world of digital art with another value study. I’m keeping with the x-men theme and this time going for the movie incarnation of Nightcrawler. (At the risk of sounding like a fan girl I really do not approve of the movie Nightcrawler as he looks nothing like his comic book origin and he’s no-where near as cool.)
I think this sketch has a lot of faults but as my main goal is to become more accustom to drawing in Photoshop using a tablet I’m not terrible fussed that it’s not perfect. What I am happy about is that I’m becoming more comfortable using shortcut keys, my pen control on my tablet is improving and I’m starting to get a better feel for what will happen when I splodge one tone on top of another.
The biggest difference I noticed working on Nightcrawler in comparison to Azazel last week was that instead of trying to “grab” a tone using the eye drop tool I began using only 2 shades (a light and a dark) and mixing them on the picture by altering the opacity. I think the result is much better than my previous effort and I imagine I’ll continue along this track for my next attempt.

It’s unlikely that I’ll be posting for a few days as I’m heading out to the battle of Tewkesbury but when I return I will be continuing to practice value studies on Photoshop along the same theme.