Friday, 28 October 2011

Christening Colouring Sheet

Last week I found myself working on a rush job for a local church. The client was putting together a pack for the children who would be at a Christening and asked me if I would be able to draw her a colouring sheet for the pack.

Simple? You’d think so but the problem is that she needed it within the hour, so no time to go home and collect supplies. I had to make do with a blunt pencil and some printer paper!

Despite these trials the client who had asked for a picture of a young boy walking away from an alter with footprints walking beside him, was very happy with the resulting sketch.

The above image was scanned from one of the photocopies and very slightly tweaked.


  1. Great job Tessa especially for a rush job. I am sure the children will love to color it. LOL tempted myself. hehehe

  2. Thanks :) It was fun to do and I've been asked to make a Christmas card for the Church off the back of it. They have given me a little more time for the next one though lol

  3. Good to hear. Art creations cannot be rushed. :)