Monday, 31 October 2011


Not much of an update for you today I’m afraid, just a little work on the paints and paintbrushes. The reason for the appalling lack of progress is two fold. Firstly I’m being a little pathetic and didn’t get anything done over the weekend because I have a cold. Secondly when I sat down to work tonight I was almost immediately interrupted when a firework shattered my living room window!
Luckily only the outer glass of my double glazing was broken but the whole room seemed to shake with the explosion, it felt like being fired on by a cannon! Peanut the rat slept though the whole thing…


  1. Hope you feel better soon ...

    I hate the fact that fireworks seem to go on and on for weeks - its so scary for the poor cats and dogs. Did you catch the firework 'culprit' ?

  2. Thanks Sue. Unfortunately by the time I stopped thinking up imaginative expletives long enough to looked out the window they'd disappeared. I have a good idea which garden the firework would have been set off from having had previous near misses in previous years but there's no way I can prove it.
    I shall just have to keep my fingers crossed that nobody else fires explosives at me for a while!