Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Help Raise Money for Alzheimer’s Society this Halloween

Will you be a trick or a treat? This year the Alzheimer’s Society has linked up with Tesco to raise money for their very worthy cause. All you have to do is text the work “Scary” to 70444 this October. The text will cost you £1.50 which will be donated to Alzheimer’s Society and in return for your donation you will either be sent a trick or a treat.

Sadly with my luck I was always going to get a trick which turned out to be the following joke which I will share with you simply because misery loves company.

“What’s a pumpkin’s favourite sport?”

Have you got it?


I really am truly sorry for sharing that!

If you would like to read more about this fund raising idea or the Alzheimer’s Society and their work please go to

Please let me know whether you got a trick or a treat! :-)

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