Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lucy in the sky

I’ve been a bit quite recently for two reasons. Firstly my family has had some bad news which has set us all running around like headless chickens. Secondly it was my birthday recently and one of my gifts was Photoshop CS3!!! Needless to say I was a very happy bunny indeed and proceeded to load it onto my laptop as quickly as possible before deciding that it looked scary and hiding from it for a week or two.

Once I dragged myself from behind the sofa I decided that the best way to learn to use it was to actually draw something and Lucy here is the result. She started out as a belly dancer, who kinda turned into a underwear model and ended up being some kind of goddess. Not the best picture but considering I don’t have a clue what I’m doing I’m happy with how she turned out... particularly because that hair took 3 attempts and much swearing.


  1. Whoo! Smokin' hot art lol. I love this, she's beautiful. The hair is my favorite part :))