Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Flying Circus WIP 4

I said I wanted to complete this painting this weekend but typically instead I ended up spending most of the weekend on the sofa feeling rubbish and when I did start working again I discovered that I had no idea what the rigging of a airship should look like and spend most of my time drawing and re-drawing different option.
In my original design I was going to have straps across the top of the balloon but when I painted them in they looked wrong so I decided that instead there would be a sail over the top of what I now lovingly call the gherkin. I also decided that it needed metal buckles to connect some of the straps as they looked a little messy. I also added clasps for the lines attached to the ship, which if you look carefully are in the shape of lion paws.

The boat itself is now nicely blocked in and just waiting to be decorated in nice gaudy circus banners before the crew is added.

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