Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Flying Circus WIP 5

Pitifully little to share today I’m afraid. A bout of headaches and Christmas shopping (not necessarily in that order) has slowed me down but I have got a little further on the ship tonight. I seem to suddenly have lots of fiddly bits that I don’t know how to paint left, like the sail wings and the propeller which I’ve re-designed about a dozen times before coming back to something almost identical to my original design.
I’ve also started thinking about “tarting” up the ship as I’m sure a circus ship would be multicoloured… or at least it would be if I owned it!

Not far left to go on this now… I hope!

No updates tomorrow as I have a Christmas tree to tackle. Yes, I know it’s early but I just can’t resist those sparkly lights and glittery baubles!!!


  1. Well I just love it Tessa. Whether you tart the ship or leave it as is..it looks great.

    I do hope you headache goes away soooooooon. Xmas shopping can be quite a nightmare. LOL
    I put up my Christmas Tree today. I will post a photo later tonight when it's dark and the lights are on.

  2. Thanks Dores :)

    The headache is all gone (Chased away by Quality Street and tea!) But I went to the gym tonight and I feel like I'm about ready to fall apart! Maybe the tree will have to wait untill tomorrow when I can stand up straight again :os