Tuesday, 1 November 2011

WIP 9 – Complete (I think)

I’ve finally finished (for now) my current work in progress and I’m happy with the way it’s turned out.

I finished off the background and added a few extra shadows today. The arches in the background have become columns, but when I first rendered them they looked very flat and boring so as a solution I added some honeysuckle vines.
My first idea was to have something like a curtain of them hanging down behind the girl but on giving that a try I found that it created too many tangents drawing the eye off the top left corner so I removed most of them just leaving the two.

I’ve learned so many Photoshop tricks during this picture and I can’t wait to get started on another but first I have another commission for a colouring sheet for a local church.


  1. Tessa it looks beautiful!! SO full of heart and fancy. :)) Really it's wonderful.

  2. Thanks Crystal, I really appreaciate that feedback, especially coming from such a tallented artist :)

  3. Complete and so beautiful. Great work. Love it.

  4. This is amazing work! I've never tried photoshop for paintings. I've used it for other things but this is pure talent :)

  5. Thanks B :)

    I have absolutely fallen in love with photoshop for painting. It's just so versitile and fun to use :)

    (and ctrl+z is my new best friend lol)