Tuesday, 30 October 2012

News from the Studio

So, I’ve been quite quiet again recently for a very good reason. My poor old laptop, which I have been using for my artwork for the past couple of years, has been slowly grinding to a halt. It was barely usable up until a week or two ago when despite repeated attempts to resuscitate it, it rolled over and refused to do anything more exciting than look at Facebook. On the bright side I am now expecting a shiny new computer with whistles, bells and the spec to actually do what I want… I’m just a little excited :-)

While I remember. Here’s a picture of my stall at the Vic vintage fair earlier this month. It was lots of fun not least because it was being held in a pub! Although I’m afraid my takings may have mostly been spent on tea and cake…

The next event that I will be attending will be the M.E.C.A Craft and Vintage fair in Swindon town centre on the 9 th of December. I’ve been by sellers that were at the Vic that it has a brilliant atmosphere so I’m really looking forward to this one! :-)

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