Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Elegance 2 - Work In Progress

As mentioned in my previous post I’ve been using my original geisha painting to create a newer, better, stronger, faster… hang on that's heading off on a completely the wrong direction! Moving on… A new version of the original painting imaginatively called “Elegance 2”

I’ve made several alterations to this version, firstly I’ve tweaked the composition very slightly so that the kimono is hanging in a more natural shape, I’ve also changed the colour and style of the kimono adding a far more detailed flower design. I’ve spent some time studying geisha headdress and redesigned the flower and falling petal detail into a far more realistic and detailed display and finally I’ve altered the colour.
I’ve become far more adventurous with this version and started to use far brighter and less “watercolourish” colours. I’ve even added some abstract blossoms in the background… I’ve no idea why, I was obviously feeling a bit paint happy at the time but I like the overall effect so no harm done.

I’m very close to finishing this painting now with only the hair ornaments and the finishing touches to do so hopefully I will be posting the finished painting latter this week.

“Elegance 2” is being created in Gouache on cartridge paper.

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